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The squeegee bridge swings up from print level into the raised position as well as the screen carrier, easy for replace and wash the squeegee, also for add ink and wash the screen; no need reset position after operating.


Anti-static aluminum plating feed can also install anti-scratch velvet to prevent surface scratches damaged; vacuum suction conveyor system, effectively reduce the number of transmit pressure wheel, to avoid scratching and greatly shorten the adjustment time of feeding;

product;printed consistent and perfect ensure to inkthickness, of control precise ensure to constant remains ie, calibration, pressure squeegee the position, knife the control to preset be can pressure knife the technology, advanced other and fiber optical mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electronic, of use integrated the system, scraper precision Heavy-duty



Substrate delivery system: ensure the delivery during theprinting output and oven without any trace; the delivery board can be got down, easy for clean screen, install andunintall the squeegee and ink re-claim blade.

scratching; avoid, substrate the with touch doesn't device inspection the, sensors opto with system inspection sheet Double


Before the suction feeder, on its front edge of the suction system, the feeder material to avoid the sensitive substrate surface scratches.Static, easy to scratch the printing of substrates such as paper and film.Is a multi-color printing, the substrate surface will not have to scratch;

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