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  *Pass EU CE certification, conform to ISO14000 standard, ROHS standard.
*Fully using high compressed air energy, using pneumatic logic control, one button operation,
complete cleaning and drying work easily.
*The seven stage filtering device, ensure the cleaning liquid recycling, to achieve the cleaning liquid loss is minimized.
*A safety interlock device with complete seal design, ensure production safety and environmental safety.
*The cleaning pressure adjustable, ensure screen tension stability, prolong the service life of the screen.
*The cleaning frequency automatic counting system, convenient and timely replacement of consumables, to ensure the quality of cleaning work.
Use various types of cleaning solution to complete high efficient cleaning of screen plate.
Such as organic solvents, water-based solvents, etc.
Widely used for cleaning screen plate with sliver paste, printing ink, aluminum paste, glue etc.
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